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JPMorgan was the chief victim in the largest theft of customer data from a financial institution in US history



Wall Street is having an important realization about Tesla



Panera Bread is replacing cashiers with kiosks — and it feels dystopian

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Market Biz


Where did the market close yesterday?


Major Indices


DJIA   17,758.21               +27.73 +0.16%
S&P 500 2,081.72              +3.14 +0.15%
NASDAQ 5,083.25            -12.06-0.24%
FTSE 100  6,275.28          -19.88 -0.32%
Nikkei 225 19,671.26       +28.52+0.15%
Hang Seng  22,401.70     -325.07-1.43%

Market Summary from Yesterday

Stocks Still Suffering From Rate Outlook

Stocks closed up slightly after being all down all day as the prospect of higher interest rates continued to hang over the market.

The S&P 500 closed up 0.05%, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 0.07%

The materials, technology, and telecom sectors were down less than 1 percent, while all remaining sectors posted slight gains of less than 1 percent.  

The betting is now 70% for the Federal Reserve to hike rates at its December meeting, up sharply from 30% several weeks ago, according to CME Group’s Fed funds futures. 

Volatility is likely to continue through to the end of the year, analysts predicted, particularly heading into the December Fed meeting.


What are today’s headlines?


McDonald’s Won’t Spin Off Real Estate Holdings

New York Times

 Large Companies Game H-1B Visa Program, and Jobs Leave the U.S.

Bloomberg Business

 Fidelity Writes Down Value of Snapchat Holding by 25%

The Guardian

Asia Pacific stock markets continue slide as Chinese inflation weakens

The Telegraph

UBS chairman: Brexit will not undermine the City of London


U.S. charges three in huge cyberfraud targeting JPMorgan, others



Term Of The Day:

Brazil, Russia, India And China – BRIC

An acronym for the economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China combined. It has been speculated that by 2050 these four …


Real Estate Buzz:

screen shot 2015-11-09 at 6.10.00 pm

Here’s what a four-bedroom home looks like in America’s most expensive markets, Newport Beach , CA


Entrepreneurial Buzz:


How this company earns millions with Instagram

Career Buzz:


Women with MBAs are choosing Google over Goldman Sachs

Wow Women:


‘Do-it-all’ generation of women suffering work stress epidemic


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