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FEATURE: Women, Wealth and Perfumers




Ford Motor Co Just Made A Big Investment In Mexico


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Iceland’s Prime Minister Resigns as Fallout Continues over Panama Papers


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Treasury Bills, Notes and Bonds
Most recent issues
Maturity % yield Change
3-month 0.2314% –0.0046
6-month 0.3682% –0.0148
2-year 0.72% –0.024
5-year 1.18% –0.042
10-year 1.73% –0.0503
30-year 2.55% –0.0593


Stocks Down in the Dumps a Second Day on Global Fears

Concerns over the global economy that battered Wall Street at the start of 2016 took their toll again on Tuesday.

The S&P 500 fell 1.01% in the second straight day of declines while the Dow Jones Industrial Average dipped 0.75%, and the Nasdaq dropped 0.98%. Over the past two sessions, the S&P 500 has decreased more than 1%.

European stocks suffered heavy losses, closing their worst day in six weeks, after Germany reported manufacturing orders dropped by 1.2% in February, falling short of estimates for a slight increase. The unexpected sign of weakness in Europe’s largest economy compounded global concerns.

West Texas Intermediate crude oil closed 0.5% higher at $35.89 a barrel on Tuesday.

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Allergan (AGNGet Report) slumped 16% on the U.S. Treasury’s plans. Allergan and Pfizer (PFEGet Report) said in a joint statement that they are reviewing the Treasury’s new rules, but haven’t said whether it will impact their planned $160 billion merger. However, Reuters sources suggest Pfizer is leaning toward abandoning the deal, rather than amending it.

Disney (DISGet Report) shares fell 1.7% after an expected successor to CEO Robert Iger, Thomas Staggs, announced his resignation, effective next month. Staggs held the position of chief operating officer and will remain as special adviser to Iger through to the end of the fiscal year. Iger will step down as chairman and CEO in around two years.

Tesla (TSLAGet Report) rose 3.4% despite reporting that it delivered just 14,820 vehicles in the first quarter, below its own forecasts of 16,000. The electric automaker blamed supplier shortages that impacted its production line. Tesla maintained its goal of 80,000 to 90,000 deliveries by the end of the year.

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President Obama Praises New Inversion Rules

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Iceland PM Resigns Following Protests Over Offshore Investments

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New US Inversion Rules Threaten Pfizer-Allergan Deal

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Panama Papers: the reaction from around the world

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Libor trial: Former Barclays traders ‘driven by money’


What are the Panama Papers? A guide to history’s biggest data leak

What is Mossack Fonseca, how big is it, and who uses offshore firms? Key questions about one of the biggest ever data leaks

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What’s Taxable Income and What Isn’t – for Last Minute Filers


Taxable income – This includes money you earn, like wages and tips. It also includes bartering, an exchange of property or services. The fair market value of property or services received is normally taxable.

Life insurance. Proceeds paid to you upon the death of an insured person are usually not taxable.

Qualified scholarship. In most cases, income from a scholarship is not taxable.

Other income tax refunds. State or local income tax refunds may be taxable. You should receive a Form 1099-G from the agency that paid you.

What’s New this Tax Season:

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Etsy Now Lets All Its Sellers Build Their Own Websites


Creative types who make handmade goods to sell on Etsy will now have a new way to showcase their wares: customizable seller sites, complete with their own domain.

Etsy announced the new feature, called Pattern, at its Brooklyn headquarters Tuesday morning. It’s available beginning today.

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How Casper Became a $100 Million Company in Less Than Two Years

In the beginning, it was “Let’s disrupt the mattress industry. It’s broken.” That quickly morphed into “Let’s invent an industry around sleep.”

“What if we could compress a mattress to fit into a box the size of a dorm refrigerator?” This way, we can deliver it via UPS so it costs us a 10th of the price to ship. Plus, people can test the mattress in their homes.

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Think You Have What It Takes to Make Our Top Company Cultures List?


Entrepreneur, along with CultureIQ, a culture engagement platform, is excited to announce our second-annual Top Company Cultures list, a ranking of high-performance cultures.

We are looking for companies that strive to be their very best by encouraging employees to take their career to the next level, fostering innovation, surpassing expectations and getting results.

The list defines a high-performance culture in relation to 10 qualities including innovation, communication, support and agility. (Here is a full list of all the qualities.)

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Female perfumers: Quiet Artists in a man’s world


“When I used to work with Mr. Jean-Paul Guerlain, he told me women can’t create [perfume] for other women,” said Sylvaine Delacourte while in Toronto just over a year ago.

Delacourte, the Director of Perfume Creation for the house of Guerlain, laughed quietly to herself in recollecting that moment.

While women are starting to enjoy some of the spotlight, female perfumers are the quiet artists working in this man’s world. The male perfumer has—pop-culturally speaking—attained rock-star status with countless magazines and newspapers recently paying homage.

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Perfumer H: scent of a woman


After launching Miller Harris 15 years ago, perfumer Lyn Harris has followed her nose to create bespoke fragrances in handblown monogrammed bottles for a tailor-made sensory experience.


Everything can be customised with hand-engraved and stamped initials for the ultimate in personalised service. “It’s been a meeting of like minds, working with friends I’ve known a long time, to create something modern and individual,” says Harris.

At the heart of the new Perfumer H approach lies an inherent Britishness, encompassing Harris’s passion for the change in seasons, inspired by the countryside’s lush, verdant landscape (and a childhood spent growing up in Yorkshire and Scotland), but also her love for the buzz of living in a big city such as London; and an “uncompromised determination to pioneer naturals back into perfumery,” she says.

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“My everyday indulgence is having my own rose and lavender bushes at my house in Provence, so I can make natural rose-scented lavender essential oil. Another true luxury is having my own vegetable garden and hens that lay fresh eggs every day.”

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10 Natural Perfumes That Are Changing the Fragrance Game

6 Perfumes Every French Woman Has Owned at Least Once in Her Life


1 / 6
Chanel No. 5 (1921)
“It’s the ultimate iconic fragrance that translates the ultimate idea of femininity. You have the memory of Marilyn Monroe, who wore it, and you have the house of Chanel—together, it’s something incredible. You may like it or you may not, because it was made almost 100 years ago and it’s particular—but you try it because you have to.”Chanel No. 5, $200; chanel.com

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