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16 MAY, 2016 MONDAY


 Goldman Sachs says oil’s biggest problem could be over


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Amazon is about to launch in a new $80 billion market


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Treasury Bills, Notes and Bonds
Most recent issues
Maturity % yield Change
At 1:29 PM ET
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3-month 0.2721% +0.0011
6-month 0.3615% –0.0065
2-year 0.78% +0.0283
5-year 1.25% +0.0452
10-year 1.75% +0.0414
30-year 2.59% +0.0375


Stocks at Session Highs as Apple and Crude Oil Jump

Apple rose 4.1%, on track for the best one-day gain in nearly four months. Shares had been under pressure following Apple’s first quarterly sales decline in more than a decade. The company briefly lost the title of world’s largest company to Alphabet (GOOGL) last week.

“While one fund’s investment — Berkshire or otherwise — should never be used as the sole reason to own a particular stock, Berkshire is the consummate value investor, investing in high-quality companies it believes to be trading at a discount to its intrinsic value,” said Jim Cramer and Jack Mohr, co-portfolio managers of Action Alerts Plus, which holds Apple stock.



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Gannett Boosts Tribune Bid, Showing CEO’s Aggressive Approach

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Warren Buffett buys $1bn of Apple stocks in first for Berkshire Hathaway

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Legendary investor Warren Buffett takes $1bn stake in Apple


Robo-Advisors that Aim to Serve Women

Ellevest, created by Sallie Krawcheck, former CEO of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, recently launched. Casting itself as the place to “dream big … Invest smart,” this educational and digital investment portal offers tools to help women reach their financial goals and began accepting clients on May 11, 2016.

SheCapital’s Robo-Advisor was launched in 2015 by Tina Powell, who founded her firm after years of wading through complex medical costs and underfunded estate plans as she was caring for her father who had suffered a stroke. The platform is based on the well-regarded Jemstep technology and addresses the specific needs of women.

And Women Investing Now (WIN) assists women with financial planning by offering investing and planning tools, as well as custom portfolio management. It’s led by Stacy Marcus, a veteran of Goldman Sachs, AIG and Esurance, who calls it “the only integrated learning, planning and execution dashboard for women.”

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BBC may take on Netflix with streaming subscription service called Britflix


The BBC may be looking to build a Netflix-style streaming subscription service for the UK, according to a report this morning out of the Telegraph.

The service would be built in conjunction with ITV, BBC’s commercial rival in Great Britain, and would use BBC’s iPlayer to stream content to users, the report suggests.

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People watch Netflix more than they hang out with their friends, exercise, and read — combined


Netflix made binge-watching a phenomenon, and it has become a big part of our lives.

According to consulting firm Deloitte, 70% of US consumers now “binge-watch” TV (that is, watch more than one episode of a show back-to-back). And Netflix is perfectly set up to facilitate that, especially now that it arguably makes better shows than HBO.

Let’s put that into a little perspective.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks how Americans spend their time, and it turns out we spend 38 minutes a day “socializing and communicating,” basically hanging with our friends; 17 minutes participating in sports, exercise, and recreation; and 19 minutes reading.

Netflix subscribers watch Netflix 100 minutes a day, more than all three of those activities combined.

Your Instagram App Just Got a Big Makeover


INSTAGRAM LOOKS DIFFERENT today. The first thing you’ll notice is the new icon, a simple illustration set against a gradient of sunset hues replacing the cutesy retro camera.

Why the thorough makeover? Because it was time. On a purely aesthetic level, Instagram’s icon and interface weren’t bad, but they weren’t good, either. And functionally, the interface needed a change. Since its founding in 2010, Instagram has become one of the world’s leading visual platforms. More than 400 million people post photos each month; all those people post 80 million photos each day, and those photos generate some 3.5 billion daily likes.

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Why ‘Minecraft’ is so incredible

You’re “just punching blocks and placing them in different combinations.” And here’s a re-creation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous “Fallingwater” home:

It’s a system for fitting pieces together to create something — sometimes amazing somethings — from nothing. “Minecraft” provides endless building blocks and a blank canvas. It’s up to you to create something incredible, or silly, or referential, or whatever, using the tools it provides. The tools are blessedly user-friendly, as are the systems for employing those tools.

The most basic unit of measurement is a single block. This is a dirt block:


“Minecraft” is this generation’s Super Mario. It’s an international phenomenon. Unless you’ve been living on the moon, you probably already know these things.

It’s on computers, phones, tablets, and game consoles. It’s at your local mall, occupying kiosks with plushies and T-shirts. There’s a semiannual convention (“MineCon”) and an education initiative that’s got it in schools (MinecraftEDU).

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Life hacks: apps that you shouldn’t be without

5616 (2)
This month my colleague Alex Hern listed the apps he can’t live without. Specifically, the apps that he uses to pretend that he is “a competent adult”.

Dark Sky

This is probably the best app to ever exist. (Possible exception: Citymapper). It’s the ultimate weather app and has never let me down.

Sleep Cycle

Since Sleep Cycle’s arrival on the app market in 2009, there have been many similar sleep-tracking apps and other technological means of measuring our quality of shut-eye.

Meme Generator

But what I love about the Meme Generator app is it allows rapid-fire response to photos I’m sent.

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What it’s like to attend Stanford, where twenty-somethings launch startups worth millions


Stanford University is consistently ranked one of the best universities in the US. For young people pursuing a career in Silicon Valley, enrollment can be a golden ticket to elite technology companies.

Over the years, Stanford has educated some of the biggest names in tech, including Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin and Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer. Given its stellar reputation and location in Silicon Valley, the school attracts top talent in computer science-related fields.

For the undergraduate students in the thick of it, such prestige comes with its faults. Many students tell me that the pressure to perform when everyone around you is so driven can be exhausting.

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The 2,500-Hour Question

Is my job worthy of my 2,500 hours to justify the massive time commitment?  Before giving another year to your job or business, ask yourself these questions:

1. Are these 2,500 hours a year a good long-term investment for my future?

In your current position, are there real possibilities to take on more responsibility and challenges?

2. Does your current role keep your attention?

People in positions where their work doesn’t fully use their mental potential will quickly become bored and disengaged.

3. Do I enjoy my work?

Sometimes, it has nothing to do with the money you make or the hours you devote. Sometimes, it’s the simple question, “Am I having fun?”

4. Are there ways I can protect my time investment?

Have you done everything you can within reason to make the most of the situation you’re currently in?

5. Who cares?

How one is valued in an organization can go a long way in determining if they are in the right place.

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 Is Your Closet a Mess? This Franchise Can Help.

With its own set of magical powers, the ShelfGenie offers glide-out shelves for kitchens, pantries, bathrooms, offices and garages to help provide a solution and a new way to be organized.

Founded in Richmond, Va, the company’s been franchising since 2008 and has local representatives from across the United States and Canada.

It’s currently ranked as No. 274 on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list.

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