The Best Time of Year to Visit London Might Surprise You

Let’s be honest—you aren’t traveling to London for the weather, so why not visit in the winter, when plane fares are cheaper (after New Year’s, that is) and the sites are all a little less crowded. Consider this your guide to what to eat, drink, and do in the English capital when it’s less than pleasant outside.

One of the best ways to find your bearings in a new location is to see it from above, but rather than splurging on a £26 ticket to the Shard’s observation deck, invest that money in cocktails at the Aqua Shard bar on the building’s 31st floor.

Upon reopening after this summer’s terrorist attack, Borough Market had just two requests: “Firstly, a call that echoes through a thousand years of history: spend a little money with us if you can!


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