Fendi’s Return to Rome

 Penone’s simple but striking work, Leaves of Stone, is therefore a significant one.w the fashion house is restoring the city’s Dolce Vita spirit.”These materials last over a long period of time. They belong to the past and the future. In Rome, we are surrounded by art connected to the rhetoric of power – that of the Roman Empire – but I am interested in Rome’s connection with animism, the intimate nature of man and his relationship with nature.”

Photographer: Alessia Pierdomenico/Bloomberg

“The name of Rome makes people dream,” says Beccari. “People come here to discover the beauty of Rome, and as a brand associated with this beauty, we have to use it in a positive way. When customers come to a Fendi store, they want beautiful stories and to share the aesthetic values of the maison. So this is our way to declare that we are not just a brand that produces and sells products; we are a lifestyle.”

The Palazzo is now one of Rome’s most-visited cultural destinations; its ground-floor art exhibitions – which, this summer, included a retrospective of Penone’s work – have attracted more than 100,000 visitors since Fendi moved here in 2015.

The work was commissioned by Fendi, the luxury fashion house that is taking steps to improve the look of the Eternal City.


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