As a divorced, single mother of two at the age of 29, I learned that challenges motivated me.  Once I discovered what I was passionate about – growing my personal economy and that of my children, doors began to open. The left side of my brain loved the world of finance, leading to my career with the Wall Street firms of Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley in Washington D.C. and Texas.  In 2005, I moved to New York  when I was accepted into the International Business Graduate Program at NYU, which expanded my interest in international and global economies.

My most recent endeavor combines all of my interests and passions!  In 2015, I left my career as a financial advisor, and founded SMARTWOMENBIZ., a financial newsletter and website designed to motivate and empower women of all ages to grow their personal economies.

I have recently added  SWB/WEEKEND, a procurement of everything I love from a lifestyle perspective, designed to motivate and empower women of all ages to live the life they want to live.  The right side of my brain needing feeding.

Let’s face it.  Balance in life is good. Our personal economies depend on it.



 Penne W. Stafford