ASTIRRED: Proper Cocktails. Edgy Conversations

 COCKTAILS ASTIRRED  Proper Drinks /edgy conversations Grey Goose Espresso Martini For a smooth pick me up, the Grey Goose Espresso Martini is an excellent digestif to follow a festive meal. Grey Goose Vodka compliments the delicate sweetness of the coffee liqueur, which is perfectly balanced with espresso. How to help victims of the Southern California wildfires MASHABLE […]

SWB WEEKEND: LATEST NEWS; Your Weekend Meal; Palm Beach’s Newest Rooftop Bar;

WEEKEND ASTIR 15 of the best places to have a Christmas vacation  WORLD SWB EUROPE EU to sue Poland, Hungary and Czechs for refusing refugee quotas BBC SWB ASIA Trump’s Jerusalem Call Attacked by Malaysia’s Electioneering Leader WSJ SWB MIDDLE EAST  Trump Jerusalem move sparks Israeli-Palestinian clashes BBC SWB LATIN AMERICA Argentina judge seeks arrest […]

SWB/ Smart World Biz: MARKETS HOLD STEADY; Massive Fires Along the 405; The New Uggs

TOP NEWS ASTIR WORLD SWB EUROPE Russia election: Putin to run again for president BBC SWB ASIA China rebukes Australians over influence debate ‘hysteria’ BBC SWB MIDDLE EAST  Saudi air strikes on Yemen intensify, residents in capital stay indoors REUTERS SWB AFRICA DR Congo displacement crisis ‘worse than Middle East’ BBC HEADLINES WSJ Trump Tells […]

SWB/ Smart World Biz: DOW DROPS; High Fashion Low Cost for the Modern Citizen; Holiday Gifts

TOP NEWS ASTIR WORLD SWB EUROPE Russian doping: IOC bans Russia from 2018 Winter Olympics BBC SWB ASIA Rohingya crisis: UN rights chief ‘cannot rule out genocide’ BBC SWB MIDDLE EAST  Jerusalem: Turkey warns Trump against crossing ‘red line’ BBC SWB AFRICA ‘Abacha loot’: Switzerland to return $320m to Nigeria BBC HEADLINES WSJ Trump Tells […]