COCKTAIL HOUR: Refreshing summer cocktails; edgy conversations; 2017 Must see Shows

    summer COCKTAIL hour BELLEVUE – SUMMER COCKTAILS FROM NEWPORT, R.I. edgy, controversial, fun talk What If Trump Had Won As a Democrat? POLITICO What top college students in the US are reading this summer QUARTZ A handy list of 2017’s excellent, must-watch TV and movies (and how to watch them all) QUARTZ  See you back […]

COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS – edgy, controversial, fun talk

COCKTAIL hour SICILIAN LEMON AND HONEY SUCKLE BLACK TEA SPARKLER edgy, controversial, fun talk Some basic rules on how to consume news in a responsible fashion LIVE MINT Scientists are studying chimpanzee food as a way to treat human diseases, including cancer QUARTZ Psychologists have identified the kind of emotional intelligence that makes internet trolls […]

COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS: edgy, controversial, fun talk

COCKTAIL hour GREENALL’S FRENCH 75   edgy, controversial, fun talk The uproar over the Trump-like “Julius Caesar” production misses Shakespeare’s point QUARTZ Tony Awards: Bette Midler’s hilariously long speech stole the show USA TODAY The Apprenticeship Model: A Journey toward Mastery CLASICALU  See you back in your inbox in the morning! SMARTWOMENBIZ.