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FEATURE: Money Monday 1 FEBRUARY, 2016 MONDAY ARE YOU READY FOR SOME … COFFEE? Free Super Bowl ad goes to…Death Wish Coffee!  read more… FLY ME  Boeing’s newest airliner just flew for the first time  read more…   KNOW WAS IT A GOOD DAY IN THE MARKETS? DJIA16466.30+396.662.47% Nasdaq4613.95+107.282.38% S&P 5001940.24+46.882.48% Gold1118.40+2.300.21% Crude Oil33.74+0.521.57% CBOE Volatility20.20-2.229.90% […]


FEATURE:  The Jewelry Queen of Texas 29 February, 2016 Friday EVERYONE’S TALKING ABOUT…FACEBOOK How Facebook tracks and profits from voters in a $10bn US election  read more… ITS ALL GOING TO THE DOGS  Uber Could Bring You a Car Full of Puppies Next Week  read more… KNOW STOCK MARKET CLOSE DJIA 16069.64 +125.18 0.79% Nasdaq […]


FEATURE: Biz of Travel Thursday Historic Beekman Hotel, New York, New York Reopening in May 2016   28 January, 2016 Thursday IT’S ALL ABOUT… THE FED  The Fed just put global financial markets on notice  read more… WHO’S THE HAPPIEST OF THEM ALL? A 69-year-old monk who scientists call the ‘world’s happiest man’ says the […]


FEATURE: WEALTH WEDNESDAY   27 JANUARY, 2016 WEDNESDAY IT’S ALL ABOUT GROWTH These 10 cities have the fastest-growing startup scenes — and neither New York nor Silicon Valley made the cut  read more… MIDNIGHT TIME TELLING Astronomical watches: The whole of the night sky, strapped to your wrist  read more… HOT CARS Jerry Seinfeld’s Porsches expected […]


Today’s Feature: Tech Talk  26 January, 2016 Tuesday IT’S ALL ABOUT BREAKFAST   McDonald’s fixed customers’ top complaint — and sales are soaring  read more… ‘FREAKONOMICS’  15 documentaries on Netflix that will make you smarter about business read more…  HOT PROPERTIES  10 of the most extravagant Airbnbs you can still book for the Super Bowl read […]

SWB Biz & Winning over Millennials

SWB Biz & Winning over Millennials  FEATURE :   Millennials in 2016 25 February, 2016 Monday LEAD STORY There’s a worrisome shift in the way the most powerful people in the world are talking about China  read more.. There’s really only one question on Wall Street right now read more…  NOTEWORTHY  There’s actually a lot […]