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SWB Daily Biz Digest – Get the buzz going.

Feature: Biz Travel Thursday More Holiday Travel Ideas  10 December 2015,  Thursday TRENDING IN PICTURES BILLIONAIRE INVESTOR: ‘The greatest energy investing opportunities we’ve ever seen’   read more… THE FUTURE OF APPLE  read more… Photos from this year’s outrageous Victoria’s Secret fashion show read more… MARKET BUZZ Where did the stock market close?  DJIA 17492.30 -75.70 […]

SWB Daily Biz Digest – Smart News for Smart Women

Feature: Women in Business Sophie Darlington, Wildlife Camera Woman 9 December 2015, Wednesday   TRENDING IN PICTURES Business Insider 2015 Gift List $50 and under   read more… Hedge funds are having trouble hiring, and it’s changing the Wall Street ecosystem read more… LEBRON JAMES: How the king of the NBA spends his millions read more…   […]

SWB Daily Biz Digest- Get the buzz going.

Feature: Tech Tuesday  ClassPass CEO Payal Kadakia 8 December 2015, Tuesday TRENDING IN PICTURES  The 27 best up-and-coming startup CEOs in America right now” read more…   Opec bid to kill off US shale sends oil price down to 2009 low read more…   “BOND MARKET WARNING: ‘People are going to be carried out on […]

Biz of Fashion Friday & Daily Biz Digest

 Feature Section: The Biz of  Luxury Fashion 4 December 2015 1 TRENDING BIZ BUZZ IN PICTURES Here’s what to expect from Friday’s big jobs report   from Business Insider   European markets suffer biggest selloff since September  from The Guardian   Here’s why Wall Street is so excited about a Yahoo acquisition  from Businesss Insider 2. MARKET BUZZ […]

Travel Thursday & Daily Buzz Digest

Feature:  Travel Thursday- Get away from Business for Christmas 3 December 2015 1 Trending Biz Buzz in Pictures   What the smartest minds on Wall Street think you should buy, sell, and better understand.  read more…      The unofficial Goldman Sachs holiday gift guide for 2015 read more… 2. Market Buzz  – What’s up? […]