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Because a weekend should be what you want it to be



We love the weekend, too.  Those lazy Sunday mornings when you can catch up on your favorite newspapers or linger over a travel magazine.

Whether it’s a long weekend away to Paris, or a nestle- in- stay-at home weekend, with your menu and movie schedule planned for you.  All you need is a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) and your laptop.  We have the rest covered.


  • TRAVEL – weekend travel ideas – 24 hour itinery for a short weekend; 36 hour for a long weekend
  • FASHION –  the latest in trending looks – for fun… We figure you get enough of the biz look during the week.
  • FOOD – great meals you can whip up, pick up, or order in for a stay in weekend.  Recipes included.
  • LUXURY – art, jewelry we can all dream about.


So kick back and relax.  After all… it is the weekend.

We’ll have you back on Monday morning in time for our serious biz news.